Winterizing your car


Winter months can present many challenges for your vehicle. Before Jack Frost starts nipping at your windshield there are a few things you should do to ensure you have a well running vehicle this winter. Many of the items on this winter ready checklist can be done on your own; however, a few should probably be left to a trained mechanic.


Battery Test

Cold weather is tough on your car’s battery. So have a mechanic run a battery load test to see if the battery needs to be replaced. Have him or her check for and clean up any corrosion found on posts and connections.


winter ready carWiper Blades & Fluid

Often overlooked, working windshield wipers and a solid supply of freeze-resistant wiper fluid will ensure that you have a clear line of sight even in the nastiest snowstorm. Wiper blades are only good for a year. Replace yours if they look frayed or worn.


Oil & Antifreeze

If you live where temperatures drop below freezing, some mechanics recommend switching to a thinner oil. Also, it is especially important to have the correct antifreeze/water mixture to prevent fluid from freezing in your radiator. Your best bet is to consult your owner’s manual or talk to your mechanic.


Proper Tire Pressure

Low air pressure and worn tires are especially dangerous on wet or slick roads, as both can reduce traction. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended PSI. And, if you live in an area with a lot of snowfall, consider snow tires. They are a valuable investment that can increase traction and improve safety on the road.


Emergency SuppliesWinter Ready Checklist

Keeping a safety kit in your car all year is a good idea, especially in winter. It’s a good idea to update this kit with seasonal items that can keep you warm and prepared for Mother Nature’s worst.


Belts & Hoses

Cold temps can weaken the belts and hoses that help make your engine run. Check them for any signs of wear and tear and have them replaced if needed.


In the unfortunate event that your automobile is damaged due to winter road conditions, rest easy knowing Adams Collision Service utilizes the latest technology and equipment in order to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. And don’t forget, you have the right to choose your repair facility, even if an insurance company is paying for the repairs –  so why not support local, especially on Small Business Saturday, coming up this November 25th.


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