Rental Cars

A good portion of driving-age adults have never needed to use a rental car—those who have were either on vacation or their car was in the shop. So using a rental car can be a bit of a new experience for those who’ve never done it before. If this is you, or if it’s been a while since the last time you rented a car, here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when it comes to rentals.


DO: Be Cautious

Driving responsibly pretty much goes without saying. But whether you got 0 points on your driver’s test or you’re the star in the local demolition derby, it’s a good idea to drive a bit more conservatively in a rental car. Rental car companies will do a final inspection on a rental car to see that no damage was suffered while you were driving. If anything is flagged as possible damage—you’ll be paying extra.


DON’T: Forget to Fill Up

Rental companies often times require cars to be returned will a full tank of gas or they’ll charge you a fee to refill the tank. Determining what the policy is ahead of time will save you a minor headache afterwards, and filling up as you’re on the way to return it can help as well.


DO: Check if Your Insurance Covers it

Some Car Insurance policies will actually cover the cost of rental cars, but keep in mind that it’s only for the cost and not for any damage that’s incurred while driving the rental car. While discussing any car coverages you might have with your insurance agent, ask them about their rental car policy.

Rental Cars Illinois

DON’T: Return it Late (or Early!)

Though not a surprise, you will be charged extra if you are returning your rental car late. (Same goes for nearly everything you’re renting.) What may be a bit of a surprise is if you return your rental car early. If you think there’s going to be a change in how long you’re renting the car, check with the company if there’s any policy.


DO: Use a Credit Card

Rental car companies typically ask for credit cards when renting a car. The good news is that some credit cards actually cover varying degrees of rental car insurance, so if there’s an issue with that car while driving, you’re covered. Check with your credit card company in advance to see your coverage.

If you’re already dealing with car issues, the last thing you want to deal with is rental cars. At Adams Collision Service, we try to take out all the hassles of the repair process. If you need a rental vehicle arranged, we will coordinate to have a car rental representative meet you at our shop when you drop off your vehicle for repairs. At completion of your repairs, you can give us the car rental keys and we’ll communicate with the rental facility that you’ve returned your rental. Don’t let renting a car keep you from getting your car fixed, give us a call today: 847-961-5409.