Teen Driving Tips

According to the National Safety Council, half of all teens will be involved in an accident before they even graduate from high school. One of the most important things to remember if you’re a parent to a teen driver is that your involvement in their driving doesn’t end when they get their license. Keep in mind a few of these tips when it comes to your teen driving.

  • Talk to your teen: It’s important to talk to your teen about rules and responsibilities when it comes to driving. Remind them that driving requires their full attention, and that no text or call is that important to answer when they’re driving. 
  • Familiarize your teen: Find out what your state’s laws and consequences are when it comes to distracted driving. If necessary, create your own rules for your teen, such as restricting the number of people your teen has in the car with them, or dictate certain hours they are allowed to drive. These rules can help minimize distractions for your teen while driving. 
  • Set consequences: If your teen breaks one of your distracted driving rules, have set consequences for them. You could take away their driving privileges, or restrict the places they can drive to. Parents can also take away cell phone privileges, which in today’s world can be seen as a serious consequence. 
  • Set a good example: If your teens see you driving attentively, and keeping your eyes on the road, they’ll mimic that behavior. Novice teen drivers will follow in your footsteps, so make sure to keep your phone away and always practice safe driving. 
  • Prepare them for the future: When your teens go off to college, always remind them that driving under the influence is illegal, and that it can have serious consequences and repercussions. There are grim statistics related to teens and young adults being killed in alcohol related crashes, so showing your kids that side of dangerous driving can steer them away from doing it in the future. Never provide alcohol to teens, and if you suspect one of your teen’s friends has been drinking, or is under the influence of drugs, take away their car keys and call their parents to come get them and give them a ride home.

Making sure your teens are making good choices when it comes to driving is incredibly important, and if you’d like to learn more about teen driving, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. If you or your teen ever gets in an accident and needs repairs, give Adams Collision Service a call at 847.961.5409 to set up an appointment.