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Springtime is finally here! After a long winter, we are all in need of a little spring cleaning and refreshing your spaces. Why not start with something we use every day, yet rarely take the time to clean? Outside of a few car washes a year, your car probably doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. People spend a lot of time in their car with driving to work, kids activities, and frequent trips to the grocery store. Sometimes it may feel like you spend more time in your car than at home. So roll up your sleeves and kick off the warm weather season with a clean, shiny vehicle you’ll be proud of! Here are a few tips on cleaning the inside and outside of your car.

Take out the trash –  It can be surprising how fast trash can accumulate in your car but if you use your car a lot it can pile up and get unsightly. After a while, we start to ignore the clutter and can forget it’s even there. Look thoroughly throughout your car for any straw wrappers, cans, receipts, or any other pieces of clutter. Check between seats, underneath floor mats, and any other places trash might end up. After you collect the larger pieces of trash, use a vacuum to get to those hard-to-reach areas. You’ll see a difference immediately and it will motivate you to keep going.

Clean floor mats/ carpets – Remove the floor mats from the car and shake them off to remove any dirt. Start by vacuuming the carpet and if you have time, shampoo the carpets with an approved carpet cleaner for your vehicle.

Wipe down surfaces – Wipe down the steering wheel, front dash, arm holders, center console, or any other areas that are exposed to touch. Give special attention to cup holders where dirt and grime tend to accumulate. Be sure to clean windows so they sparkle! You can even go the extra mile and apply rain guard so the next time it rains the water will repel off your windshield.

Tires – Start the exterior of your car by cleaning your tires. Get a brush and some tire cleaner that is appropriate for your wheel type. Clean one tire at a time to avoid the cleaner drying up. Brake dust can build up over time on your tires and eventually damage your tires. Keeping your tires clean can be helpful in maximizing the lifespan of your tires.

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Washing your car – Use the two bucket system. One bucket is for clean soapy water, and you can use the other one to rinse your sponge. This prevents you from washing your car with dirty water.

Dents/ Scratches – Repairing dents and scratches is arguably the trickiest part of cleaning your car. Doing it improperly runs the risk of worsening the damage and needing even more costly repairs. Adams Collision Services offers Paintless Dent Repair, an easy and inexpensive option to fix those annoying blemishes.

Don’t rely on an air freshener to mask odors. Take the time this spring to freshen up your vehicle. Following these tips will not only have your car looking better, but also could extend your car’s longevity. If you have any other questions about cleaning your car, contact the experts at Adams Collision Service. We are proud to provide the best in auto body repair to our community. Click here to learn more about what Adams Collision Service has to offer, or give us a call at 847-961-5409.