Tailgating Adams Collision Service

It’s football season! The best part about going to a football game – besides the game itself, of course – is tailgating. A group of friends, some cold drinks, hot dogs and hamburgers on a little charcoal grill. Tailgating originated in the United States as a party that takes place in the parking lot of sporting events. A “tailgate” is the hinged flap at the back of a pickup truck, and these parking lot parties are named for them because they take place around the open tailgate of a truck (or even the open trunk of smaller vehicles).

The vehicle you choose to tailgate with is important, too. It needs to have plenty of room to haul all the tailgating gear and of course, some passengers. If your vehicle is to be the main host of the tailgating event, you probably want it to have a certain “wow” factor to really add to the party atmosphere. Here are some ideas to turn your pickup truck into a true party machine:

  1. Use liners to keep the bed area of your truck protected and stylish. You can use colorful spray-on bedliners, complete bolt-on bed liners, a rubber bed floor or tailgate mats. You can even get a specially made tent to fit over the truck bed.
  2. Need comfy sitting space? A tailgate couch can convert any full-sized truck tailgate into a haven for couch potatoes.
  3. Show off your team spirit. Look for vinyl team graphics that adhere to the sides of your vehicle. Use wheel covers, floor mats and dash covers adorned with your team logo. You can even get flags to make your vehicle stand out in a sea of vehicles.
  4. Get fold-out tailgating tables and TV mounts made specifically to attach to your tow hitch. Dual-hitch receivers double your towing capacity so you can bring more tailgating accessories!
  5. Use wheel well storage units and ice chests to keep beverages cold. For stability, use beverage holders that plant in the ground. For mobility, opt for a cargo cooler organizer on a trolley.
  6. Pop-up auto umbrellas, shelters and awnings can fend off rain or too much sunshine. Use portable walls for a little privacy.

The above ideas and accessories can make for a wonderful tailgating experience, but don’t forget how important it is that your vehicle looks great. If you need a body shop to make your vehicle the MVP of your tailgating party, bring it to Adams Collision Service! If your vehicle has any cosmetic or structural damage from a collision, we will bring it back to pre-accident condition using the latest technology and highest quality equipment. Trust your repairs to us and you won’t regret your decision.