Traffic Stop Illinois

If you’re lucky, you’ve never been pulled over while out on the roads. However, traffic stops happen, and there are certain things you should do when you get pulled over. Since January 9th is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, here are a few things to keep in mind to be respectful and keep it as stress-free as possible for both you and the officer.

Slow Down

If you see flashing lights behind you, slowly decelerate until you feel comfortable enough to pull onto the shoulder. Pull over in a good spot, and do so quickly so you don’t get accused of evading a police officer.

Stay Calm

This may seem hard to do at the moment, but it’s important to stay calm throughout the entire traffic stop. Always keep in mind that the police officer is just doing their job and that they might be stopping you for something minor, such as a malfunction with your vehicle.

Be Courteous

Staying calm and collected will make the entire traffic stop less stressful and go more smoothly than if you get worked up and anxious. Remain non-confrontational towards the officer and it’ll make the process go quicker. (There’s always a chance that they may even let you off with a warning!

Comply with the Officers Requests

During the stop, you’ll be asked to present your license, vehicle registration, and some proof of insurance to the officer. It’ll help you both if you turn on your interior light. This ensures that the officer can see everything you’re doing inside your car. Make sure your documents are up to date and stored in a place that is easily accessible. For your convenience, some car insurance companies provide an app for a digital copy of your insurance card. 

Sign Tickets and Ask for More Information

Signing your ticket just assures that all involved know that you’re acknowledging the ticket. If you’d like to keep a detailed record, you can always ask for more information from the officer, such as their name and badge number, to keep on record.

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