Imagine this. You’re driving down the highway and press the brakes to slow down, but nothing happens. You hear a grinding sound, and your heart begins to race—your brakes have failed. What do you do? Knowing how to respond in an emergency like this is essential to stay safe. Let’s look at some things you should do if your brakes fail.


Stay Calm

The most important thing is to remain calm. Panicking will not help the situation, and it might make it worse. It’s imperative to stay focused and think through the next steps to be taken to remain safe.


Shift into Neutral or Park

If your brakes fail while driving, shift the car into neutral or park as soon as possible. This will help reduce speed and give you more control over the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop. However, remember that there is no power steering when the car is in neutral or park, so it may be difficult to maneuver around obstacles such as other vehicles or objects on the road.


Use Other Ways To Reduce Speed

If you cannot shift into neutral or park, use other ways to reduce speed, such as downshifting and gently pumping your brakes (if they still work). In addition, taking your foot off the accelerator pedal can also help slow down your vehicle while giving you more control over steering capabilities and keeping more distance between yourself and other drivers on the road. In addition, look for places where you can safely drive off the road if needed, such as medians or parking lots when available.


Knowing what steps should be taken if your brakes fail is important for staying safe during a potential emergency situation on the roads. At Adams Collision Service, we understand the importance of safety, so we are dedicated to providing quality repairs so our customers can feel confident while on the roads!


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