Fall Driving Tips

With fall fast approaching, it’s easy to forget that you should change some of your driving habits for the season. Between driving kids to school, the weather changing, and leaves falling, here are a few fall driving tips to keep you safe this season.

Watch for Kids

School is back in session, which means kids are out playing before and after school. If you’re driving right before school is starting for the day or as kids are getting out, make sure you’re driving the posted speed limit while in school zones. Also, be sure to watch out for kids crossing the road at crosswalks. And, pay attention to school buses and the flashing stop signs, indicating kids might be crossing the street.

Beware of Darkness

This sounds spookier than it needs to, but it is October after all. Remember that days are getting shorter, which means it starts getting dark much sooner in the day. Give people plenty of room at night, and use your brights when appropriate.

Keep an Eye Out for Critters

While fall is a time for cool walks and beautiful changing leaves, it’s also when wildlife are typically on the move, especially deer. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, you’re 3.5 times more likely to hit an animal in November than any other time of the year.

Fall Driving

Wet Roads Can Be Dangerous

With leaves starting to fall, they coat the roads. Make sure you take extra caution when the roads are wet. Leaf covered roads that are damp can be slicker than expected, so be safe than sorry and go slow around sharp turns, and be especially careful on country roads.

Think About Your Tires

A tire with a sufficient tread will perform better than something that’s had significant wear and tear. Also be sure to check your tire pressure often—the cold weather can lower your tire pressure, even if they look okay to the eye.


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