When your vehicle is involved in a collision or accident, it’s more than likely that it will need some parts replaced. Whether you’re taking your car to be serviced by an auto body shop, collision service, or your dealership’s service department, you’ll likely be faced with a variety of types of parts to choose from. Depending on the type of part you need, it’s important to know that the most expensive part doesn’t necessarily mean the best part. 

If you do find you will need to have parts replaced, chances are the shop will have a recommendation from these types: OEM, Aftermarket, Recycled, and Remanufactured. Before you make any decisions, here’s an explanation of each kind of part, coming from a professional collision service

  • OEM. OEM, or Original Equipment Manufactured parts, are made by the vehicle’s factory supplier and are completely new parts. This means you’ll get great quality and a great fit for your car. While this can be a great choice for newer vehicles or vehicles being serviced by a dealership, it can be incredibly expensive for older vehicles. The process for ordering OEM parts for these cars can take weeks, especially for luxury cars made in Japan or Europe. 
  • Aftermarket. Aftermarket parts are made by third party manufacturers. If they are direct replacement parts, they will not void your car’s warranty. Many insurance companies look for aftermarket parts, as they are often much less expensive than new/OEM parts, and in some instances can work even better than the original. Keep in mind, however, aftermarket parts can also often be bad quality. They can be made of thinner material that is more prone to damage after collision and have a shorter lifespan than other parts. Make sure your aftermarket parts are coming from a high quality manufacturer before you purchase them.  
  • Recycled. These parts come from retired vehicles, often because of a collision, and then recycled to other vehicles needing those parts. This can be a great alternative to OEM parts, as you don’t have to wait for a new part to be manufactured, and you can save money. Be sure that when you are choosing recycled parts, you are choosing a part that matches your vehicle exactly. And here’s a tip: try to get recycled parts from vehicles with lower mileage on them! 
  • Remanufactured. A remanufactured part has been disassembled and restored to factory standards before it is used as a replacement part. They go through an extensive process of testing so they can get an official “rebuilt” label from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This is a great, cost effective option when looking for parts. One thing to note: this is much different from “refurbished” or “reconditioned” parts, which are only repaired to make them work, but not necessarily to factory standard. 

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