Do it yourself or Hire a Pro?

Buying a car or truck is generally the second largest purchasing decision you’ll make, so it’s extremely important to take the best care possible of your investment. And, since accidents are pretty much unavoidable, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that you will be faced with a dent (or worse!) on your once-pristine vehicle. While saving money is important to all of us, this is one instance where the most time-efficient and cost-effective option probably involves hiring a professional, for things like collision repair, rather than trying to do it yourself. Even if your buddy claims that they have the know-how, the savvy consumer will let a pro handle this important job.


Training and Experience

Professional auto body technicians have specialized education and on-the-job experience. This means that they have the resources to handle whatever situation arises, in as timely a manner as possible, to get you back on the road quickly. The best auto-body shops employ experienced, I-Car and ASE Certified technicians and stand behind their work. Often, vehicle owners will attempt to “pop” a dent out on their own and end up actually causing more costly damage than they had in the first place.


The Right Space and Tools

A proper auto-body shop is equipped with all of the equipment to do the job right the first time. For all but the smallest dents, you would need a minimum of several thousand dollars in specialized equipment to do the job correctly yourself, including an air compressor, dual-action sander, spot welder, and a car lift, to name just a few. With the right tools, you’ll be back on the road much more quickly than if you’d tried to do the job in your garage with the wrong tools.


Warranty and Insurance

Having your vehicle repaired at a professional, licensed and bonded facility means that you’ll walk away with a warranty in case anything goes wrong with the repair. Attempting to do it yourself means that you may have to revisit the issue, again and again, to get the job done correctly, wasting time and costing you even more money. And, since insurers will only pay a licensed auto body shop for repairs, your pocketbook will thank you for bringing in the pros.


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