Teen Driver

Although summer is still in full swing, back to school season is already right around the corner. Whether you’re school supply shopping for your high school teen, or helping your college student pack up and move to campus, safe driving is an important but often overlooked item on the back-to-school list. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reports that fall is the most dangerous time of year for pedestrians. Refreshing your student driver on back to school safety is a good reminder for them to keep an eye out for increased pedestrian, bike, bus, and automobile traffic.


School Zone Safety

Remind teens and college-aged drivers to look for designated school zones. School zones generally have lower speed limits. Traffic violations in school zones can come with hefty penalties, not to mention the risk posed to children walking, biking, and riding the bus to and from school.  It is illegal in every state in the US to pass a school bus that has stopped to let children out. When school bus lights are flashing and/or it has a stop sign extended near the bus driver’s window, all traffic must stop on both sides of the bus, whether the traffic is oncoming or from behind.


Campus and College Safety

Like school zones, college campuses tend to be areas of traffic congestion. Full parking lots and crowded intersections can make it difficult to see oncoming traffic, including bicyclists and pedestrians. It’s important to check the side view mirrors, the rearview mirror, and blind spots for bicyclists before making turns, opening car doors, and changing lanes in busy campus areas, especially at peak traffic times.


Schedule Repairs and Maintenance before School Starts

Getting your student’s car in its best shape before school starts will help avoid unexpected breakdowns, getting stranded in an inconvenient location, and potentially even an accident. Not to mention, today’s teens and college students are pressed for time as it is when school is in session. Although summer vacation is a much-needed respite from the pressures of the school year, it’s also a great time to get ahead on any maintenance and repairs. A little prevention will go a long way in avoiding time crunches at inconvenient times later in the year.


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