Deer Vehicle Collision Repair

Deer season is a delight for hunters and a headache for motorists. One in every hundred motorists will be involved in a deer-vehicle collision at some point. Motorists see a spike of these collisions during deer season, seeing the highest chance of collision in the month of November. Deer-vehicle collisions cost motorists about $1.1 billion in damages, kill 150 people annually, and injure around 29,000. With the first firearm deer season approaching in Illinois, here are some tips to help save (you) a few bucks.

1.     Reduce your speed in areas that have deer crossing signs or places you have previously seen deer.

2.     Make sure to wear your seatbelt! 60% of fatalities occur because the motorist was not wearing a seatbelt.

3.     Assume nothing when it comes to deer! Sometimes they stop in the middle of the road, sometimes they run back and forth across the road several times. Slow down and approach the area with caution.

4.     Use your high-beam brights when possible. Watch for the reflection of eyes on the shoulder of the road or in any wooded or grassy areas.

5.     If you hit a deer and it is in the road or remains alive, call the local game commission or law enforcement agency. Do not go near the deer as any injured wild animal can inflict injuries.

6.     If you do hit a deer, turn on your hazards and pull over. Even if the damage is minimal, make sure to bring your car in to a body shop to check for tire damage, fluid leaks, and loose parts.

7.     Choose the right body shop. When you have been involved in any animal-vehicle accident, call your insurance company and a body shop to schedule repairs. Adams Collision Service can work with you and your insurance company to assist with your claim from filing the claim through the end of the repair process.

Adams Collision Service has a team of experienced professionals who will work with your insurance, offer pick-up/drop-off, and can assist with rental cars and towing services.  We focus on quality service and customer satisfaction during all repairs. For more information, contact Adams Collision Service at 847-961-5409 or visit