steps of car repair process

After a car accident, the last thing you want to do is stress out about the repair process. Knowing what to expect when your car is being serviced by an auto body shop will help ensure that you are receiving the best possible customer care.

Service estimate
Knowing how much your repair work will cost is crucial if you are making an insurance claim. Once your vehicle arrives at the auto body shop, the repair process will begin with a thorough inspection by an estimator. The estimator will create detailed documentation indicating the extent of the visual damage and what actions need to be taken to restore your car to pre-collision condition. The auto body shop will provide this detailed estimate to the customer so they have a rough idea of how much the repairs will cost. It is important to remember that once the vehicle is disassembled, additional damage could be discovered which might result in a higher charge for repair services.

At this stage, the auto body shop can get a look inside your vehicle to ascertain any additional damages. Your insurance provider will probably request the findings of this inspection before they give authorization so that they know that all damages are accurately documented. After authorization to move forward has been granted by the owner and the insurance company, the auto body shop can order parts.

After the parts are received, the auto body shop can start the repair process. This will include ensuring the frame is straight, wheels are aligned and the suspension is repaired. Additionally, any needed mechanical repairs will also be taken care of.

Refinishing and reassembly
During the refinishing process, the vehicle is prepped for painting. This includes sanding, priming and finally painting and clear coating. After the paint has cured, the painted surfaces will be polished. Additionally, all parts that had to be disassembled for repair will be restored to their original locations and all trim and molding pieces will be reinstalled.

Once your vehicle is back in one piece, the final touches will be completed. This includes cleaning the interior, washing, and polishing and buffing all surfaces.

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